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Landing Craft Tank ships (LCT), cargo ship, barges, tugboats can transport containers, fuel, vehicles and various goods, bulk cargo commodities, …
i.e.: 1,0m tons of limestone, coal, sulfur for Ambatovy project by 63000 MT Supramax ships

Passenger or skipper boats and other can transport passengers, crew team, security agents, …

The management system of SEMS Sarl (Société d’Entreprises Multi-Services Sarl) has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2015 for the following activities: port handling, stevedoring & storage services of cargo in containers & bulk at Mahajanga sea port and rental of transport & lifting equipments.

Société d’Entreprise Multi-Services Sarl
Boulevard Moriceau BP 1244
401 Mahajanga, Madagascar
+261 20 62 230 01